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FREE Seed Starting Mini Course

Join Conor for a FREE short tutorial for his tips on when to start your seeds and best management practices while they grow.

Plan your Dream Garden

Follow along as I plan my own epic family garden.

Grow the Best Food

Nothing tastes better or is more satisfying than harvesting and cooking your own vegetables.

Work with the Soil

Spend your summer working with the soil, watching vegetables grow and being with the people you love in a beautiful garden.

Learn with Me

Hi, I am Conor and I have been farming vegetables on less than an acre and a half for many years. Every year I create a family vegetable garden using my farming skills. Join me and I will show you how to grow vegetables with less work using no till/no dig techniques  with better results.

Grow Your Own

Being able to harvest beautiful vegetables from your own garden is an experience like none other. It is such a joy to be a part of a seed growing into a wonderful meal for your family and friends.

Now is the Time

There has never been a better time to start growing your own vegetables. Having your own food supply not only gives security but a beautiful place at home to spend your time.

Subjects Covered in Conor's Gardening Course

Getting Started

Planning your garden is very important. Join Conor as he sketches out his family garden, discusses the important tools required and not required, preparing garden beds using no till/no dig techniques and even builds a raised bed while you follow a long. Turning grass into fertile garden beds is difficult and a few methods to achieve this are discussed.


There are individual lessons for the most popular vegetables, like lettuce, kale, chard and tomatoes. Conor then goes beyond the basics covering  crops like kohlrabi, celeriac and fennel.


Perennials and annual herbs are a must in any family garden as the y are the building blocks of cooking which is how use the garden. Herbs are very much a part of Conor's family garden.

Dig Deep Into Soil

Conor goes into detail about maintaining healthy soil. Soil is where most of your gardens success and failures can be traced. Thus soil gets its own mini course that sits alongside the main course. Learn how to sample soil, reading a soil test, why you need good soil, and how to maintain it.

Simple Tunnel Construction

Bonus content is included where you learn how to create a simple structure for more finicky plants like tomatoes and peppers.

Starting Seeds

The course starts with the basics of  starting seedlings, plant spacing, and when to pant so that you have the best chance for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unlimited Access to the no till / no dig gardening course with me, Conor Crickmore and all the new material that will be added this season and beyond.
  • Access to the Planning a Garden and Seed Starting Course
  • Access to the Digging Deep into Soil Course.
  • Access to the Neversink Forum where I will answer all your gardening questions.
  • Exclusive discounts to seeds, tools and supplies to get you started.

Absolutely. You can ask questions about gardening while going through the course and I will do my best to answer them. I welcome questions, as that is the best way for you to succeed.

Questions that I answer will be limited to general backyard gardening questions. Specific questions about your situation will be difficult to answer and thus not part of the course. 

I will certainly be adding new material. My garden is in full swing and I am documenting whatever I can that I feel will be helpful. Stay tuned for more lessons coming.

A membership lasts a full year. This way you can reference the material from when you first plan your garden and buy seeds, up until you put your garden to sleep for the winter.

Not at all.

In this gardening course, I use my vast experience and knowledge in growing healthy vegetables to teach you how to grow vegetables at home. This is simplified for the gardener who wishes to have fun while growing vegetables for their family.

My farming course is for those creating and running a business selling vegetables and as such, the course is vast and detailed. You can find out about that course here -

Neversink Market Farming Course

This is for anyone who wants to grow their own vegetables in their backyard. You will join me as I create my own family vegetable garden using my farming experience.

This course is not for those looking to grow and sell vegetables. My farming course can be found here - 

Neversink Market Farming Course

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Just $147 Lifetime Access (Regularly $197)


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